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Topic review

posted on 14-3-05 at 02:22

I'll b 19 sooon, then i will show up a lot more shows!


posted on 13-3-05 at 13:24

yeah... they played alot of old stuff.... like egzit and watch it die..... and even dropped in and in circles which they haven't played lately... plus 4 new songs... (remember never, sick cycle, and two more that were fast and killer but the name escapes me.)

people were blown away. the livid just keeps getting better and better.

all you people that aren't 19.... get working on that... you are missing out on alot... haha... sorry that was mean



posted on 13-3-05 at 07:11

was this the extended setlist show?


posted on 12-3-05 at 23:06

First time I see Adam wearing anything other than black. Right on.
So much smiling, fill us in on the joke!
Sounds like a sweet show. Can't wait till next Saturday when the 'kiddos' get a taste of the new songs. I've only heard two I think.


posted on 12-3-05 at 20:57



posted on 12-3-05 at 20:56

Well, in the end it was pretty memorable, so I have no regrets. Taxi was cheaper than we thought. We were expecting 80-100 dollars. It ended up being 65.

Oh, and one final correction, I think the people that drove from the states came from Minnesota.


posted on 12-3-05 at 20:26

Awww Chris that sucks you wandered for a while... that must have been an expensive taxi ride.


posted on 12-3-05 at 20:17

Show couldn't be any better. It's as simple as that. The crowd was bigger than I'd ever seen it before. Even bigger than when they had their video shoot. And, even though no one was jumping up and down and going crazy, you could really tell that everyone was so into it...alot more so than I'm used to seeing.

I realized the night was too good to be true when we walked to Union and we reaized we missed the last train and bus by 10 minutes and everything was shut down. We wandered around downtown for some time trying to figure out what to do. We thought if we could somehow get into my friends brothers apartment, we'd have a place to stay, but no one was there. We wandered till past 3am until we gave in and took a taxi home. Other than that, great night.

Oh, and the guys drove from milwaukee as far as I remember. I talked to them for a bit. Pretty cool guys.

Some pics will come in a minute.


posted on 12-3-05 at 08:22

Ok well Holly Fuck!! what a show!! I know i hadn't been around in a long time but this show kicked ass! The new tunes just Kick total ass. You guys were just so tight! Props to the dudes from michigan who made it out! thats killer. Chris, love the amp, strait and simple. Congrats guyz, and best of luck with all your new stuff comming up. Hopefully i can check out some other shows in the future.. for now Peace.


posted on 12-3-05 at 06:36

YOU GUYS MADE IT A BLAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ROCK ON!!!!


posted on 11-3-05 at 02:58

Hopefully with a bit of Luck i'll be there tomorow night. I can't wait, i've been told to check out there stuff, i'll post about it if I do end up going.

Sin Ogaris

posted on 6-3-05 at 05:18

I said it in the other topic and I'll say it in this one too...


posted on 6-3-05 at 05:04

yeah man... the march 11th show is gonna be killer... i have heard sick cycle before and it stays in your head for like a week after you hear it. you can really tell the entire band loves that song because they are all sooo into it. you can't take your eyes of of them. (and i mean that in a none homosexual way)

also great is the other bands that are playing with them. FNA is always a good show, the last true gentlemen are like this odd jazz meets the foofighters cross... What The Funk is actually not so funky and more heavy metal with masterfully long instrumental sections so its a fucking great show.

so show up...


posted on 3-3-05 at 02:02

if it wasnt 19+ and i wasnt interviewing Ill Scarlett that night then i would be there


posted on 3-3-05 at 01:12

awesome! new music - always good


posted on 3-3-05 at 00:37

Hopefully we'll get an early taste of the new stuff tomorrow, as well. Also, I'm crossing my fingers that B&C is going to be added to one of the shows setlists.


posted on 2-3-05 at 23:42

I'm hyped to hear these new songs

Both Schembry and Adam have said "sick cycle" is their fave tune, so this one must be killer!

I guess you guys are trying out a different producer aswell, which is exciting !



posted on 2-3-05 at 21:32

Yeah, I just read it. I'm very excited. I'll be at the show no matter what.


posted on 2-3-05 at 20:56

did you guys check out the news adam posted yet?
new tunes.... can't wait

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