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Topic review

posted on 3-5-06 at 23:26

good question. i just put them back up.


posted on 3-5-06 at 21:58

So I found this song again today. How come the lyrics are off the site now? It's a gooder


posted on 12-4-05 at 01:36

maaaannnnn they should just put it out acousticly (spelling) .. like Release acoustic.. that was like my favourite song forever and i still listen to it. but it was so awesome when they redid it because they didnt sound the same at all. and i loved em both..

bottom line: PLEASE RELEASE IT!!!!! everyone would love it!!


posted on 12-4-05 at 01:34

haha yeah the back hair thing is a little freaky. and all that draping skin stuff.

i guess we have to wait and see if the band chooses to release that acoustic track. but the fact it hasn't been probably means they'd like to rerecord it at some point.


posted on 12-4-05 at 00:32

Haha.. Paige digs the hidden 'back hair' message in this song.

As do I.


posted on 11-4-05 at 21:47

im sure everybody would. man i jsut read those lyrics... crazy. a little fucked up, but i like em.


posted on 11-4-05 at 21:40

I'd like access to that track as well!!


posted on 10-4-05 at 16:32

really??!??... is there anywhere i could get my hands on it? or is it exclusive


posted on 10-4-05 at 14:57

i believe there is an accoustic tack out there somewhere..


posted on 8-4-05 at 03:18

it could be like a secret track 10 minutes into the final track of the cd >.>

Sin Ogaris

posted on 8-4-05 at 02:25

Yeah, I personally think a softer track could be good to mix it up a bit, but waiting and seeing is all we can do.


posted on 7-4-05 at 23:24

haha . ok i won't but thanks for the info! maybe if it comes around somewhere you could let me know on this thread. because since i live in nova scotia. i dont exactly have the access i wish i had lol broke and crossed is one of my favourites, so it should be awesome!! not that anything by these guys isnt.

Sin Ogaris

posted on 7-4-05 at 22:40

The idea was put out that it could be on the next album, but Chris said it's a bit more old school style, like Broke and Crossed, and less like the heavier new stuff, so we'll see I guess. As far as versions currently available, from the snippets I've read from the guy on here, it wasn't recorded and I don't think it was done live, but don't hold me to that.

[Edited on 7-4-05 by Sin Ogaris]


posted on 7-4-05 at 21:12

i noticed that the lyrics to the song "to you" were up under the lyrics section. and i was wondering if theres any way to get a version of that for mp3 if theres even a live verson or whatnot....anyone have any info on what the deal is?? thanks

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