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Topic review

posted on 30-7-05 at 09:29

Agreed, the new band is the new band, and agreed that justin as a singer has an INSANE ammount of tallent, the old band will never be, and the new band will face new directions as they get by. So really there is not much else to talk about here.


posted on 29-7-05 at 01:32

I don't think anyone is getting too defensive. It's just the way this topic was brought up and the one sentence that was given that annoys me a little. I couldn't care less if people like Jeremy's voice more than Justin's. Personally I really love both, so it makes no difference to me.

Bart, if that happened, it must've happened before I moved from Edmonton to here. I could be wrong, though. I've only seen Jeremy at one show before, and I was hoping something like that would happen. That would be too unbelievable.

machine gun blues

posted on 29-7-05 at 00:58

good lord. everyone needs to stop being so defensive, in both camps.

the fact of the matter is, this is THE LIVID board. as such, you're allowed to talk about both justin and jeremy in equal proportion, as they were/are both members of THE LIVID. there's only one lifelong member of this band, and that's chris. so just remember that.

comparison and contrast is inevitable. so to the people who still long for jeremy i say, yes it's a shame, but move on. those days are over, besides, justin's brought a whole new flavor. to the people who take it personally when someone likes jeremy more, i say, their entitled to their opinion, and deal with it. the band is all grown up, they can take critism. after all, it's clear everyone likes them if they're here anyway.


posted on 28-7-05 at 23:15

i WISH i lived in toronto, i'd go to every damn show...too bad i live in jersey


posted on 28-7-05 at 18:33

apparently jeremy sang egzit at a show since justin joined the band. i would have liked to see that. was anyone here at that show?


posted on 28-7-05 at 17:16

i was always a firm believer in Jeremy untill i saw the livid live in New York during the winter, justin sounded absolutely perfect live and i can't imagine a better band than the one i heard that night.

that being said i've been a HUGE fan since i heard "falling behind" on napster freshman year of high school (i'm a junior in college now) and i love both singers equally

Chad of Spinstill

posted on 28-7-05 at 16:22

Jeremy was an amazing vocalist but I'm sorry to say is far from the level that Justin is at! Humes can fucking wail and I bet you a million bucks Abeautifullie hasn't seen them live. Justin is pound for pound (lol) one of the best vocalists I've ever heard period.

Sin Ogaris

posted on 28-7-05 at 13:48

Meh, seems like he's just a shit stirrer to me. He has posted only twice, once was to plug his band, and once to berate Justin's abilities. Probably not the most ideal way to introduce yourself to a group of people, whether it be on the Internet or not. Especially when your criticisms are unfounded (at least, you haven't given us reason to think otherwise).

Well done though, good luck with that attitude, I'm sure you'll go far.


posted on 28-7-05 at 13:03

The first song I ever listened to by The Livid was "Egzit" back when they had the page in 2003. Justin said I'd love it....and I did. That version of Egzit obviously had Jeremy singing. I instantly fell in love with the song.
That same year, at Halloween, I saw TheLivid perform and the band played 'Egzit' with Justin singing the vocals. It blew me away.
Both of their voices are wicked, like Chris said.

I don't even know if I'm trying to make a point here, but I guess all I can say is that I agree with Reivax. Nobody is forcing you to listen to the new music, but don't come on here and bash the band like they've lost everything since Jeremy left. I don't want to say "it's not about the voice, it's about the music" but the voice is only a factor to the whole package. It takes a band to make a song like that, not just the singer.

...I think that made some sense.


posted on 28-7-05 at 11:43

Wow. I never thought a topic like this would come up again. Get over it. You're basically saying that you don't like Justin, and as I am (and the vast majority of this forum) a fan of Justin, I get annoyed when I read this stuff. This forum and website is for the "new" band and music, so you're just going to have to grab your "king of the castle" and "fear of fading" cd and either get over it or just tell someone else about it. I'm not sure what you were expecting us to say.

Don't get me wrong, I love Jeremy's voice. I love the old material. And I will always be pissed that I never took the time and saw them live when I had the chance. But seriously, it's not like that material was taken away from you - you can listen to it anytime you want and it will always be there. There's no reason to miss him.

To be honest, when I first started listening to the band, and knew nothing about them, I had a burned CD with about 16 songs on it, and it had both singers, and at the time I never knew there were 2 singers. And even when I was told, I had no idea who sung what. It all sounded wicked to me. Actually my girlfreind still can't tell the difference when I play both versions of Broke and Crossed back to back.


posted on 28-7-05 at 06:47


i guess its all a matter of opinion. personally i think Justin is amazing, but whenever i show my friend a new song he says he misses the old singer.

Sin Ogaris

posted on 28-7-05 at 00:00

Different topping for a different cake.


posted on 27-7-05 at 21:19

As much as I don't mind the new stuff, i've always prefered their older stuff by default and is often more listened to. the band has changed directions a few times.. im sure a possible band name change could have taken effect if the group wanted to. But over all, the livid will always have tons of talent, they will / should always be tight as hell live, and will always produce good quality records. There weakest point has always been promotion, which i find isn't a facture in there music or their playing.


posted on 27-7-05 at 21:06

good constructive comment there. enjoy the forums.


posted on 27-7-05 at 20:45

Miss the old singer. Heard the new shit and I just can't fucking take it. Miss the old band :_(_____________

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