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posted on 23-3-06 at 01:33

i guarentee if they fully got back together, which im not usre but i hope they are doing, they could score a record deal. i know they could and we know they could and they know they could. they should definitely try a little harder. hell id even try for them!


posted on 22-3-06 at 04:48

I've pretty much listened to that cd non stop for the past few weeks, its helped me through the past little while, and I still shiver at some of the lyrics, they hit me deep.


posted on 21-3-06 at 18:24

have a look at this thread. i'll try and get it sorted out in the next few weeks. if i can't figure out how to let people download it for a price in that time, i'll ask the band's permission to give it out for free. they sure aren't making money out of selling the first and third albums now, so what's the use of depriving people of the music?


posted on 21-3-06 at 16:51

Where can i get the ambition within ?!
I realy want it but i cant buy it from the site :S


posted on 26-9-05 at 17:47

I have to check the local indie record stores hoping to find my first copy. I'd rather have the official release, but barring that I guess I'd settle for a paid download with artwork I can print out myself.


posted on 24-9-05 at 20:32

I left my albums in Calgary when I was there in January. My friend still hasn't sent them to me. I'm so frustrated because I haven't heard alot of the songs for a while.

I'm going to have to steal my brothers..


posted on 24-9-05 at 20:09

so i put my cd in my car this morning as i was driving around, and as soon as Test Run came on, i started getting goosebumps. it was the same feeling i had when i first heard it and it was a seriously amazing feeling. i think i enjoyed the album more than i have since it was first released and i was reminded just how fucking awesome the cd is. It truly is amazing.

just thought i'd share.

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