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posted on 11-4-06 at 13:01

and now there's a solution discussed in this thread.


posted on 13-2-06 at 02:53

this thread already answers your questions. read it.


posted on 12-2-06 at 03:34

remember me?? i was the first, and maybe im still, fan from Chile... i stopped logging into the forums for a long time and now that im here...what happend to u guys?? u were so good!!!. im in the U.S. now and finally have the opportunity to buy your cds and u dont have the last one .. how can i buy it, or have it in any way, i would love to buy it... well if somebody knows something write me please to, Thanks anyway and i wish you the best!!


posted on 10-2-06 at 17:36

That would be awesome! I don't know if there's a way I could help but I'd be willing to if it was possible.


posted on 1-2-06 at 06:02

i want to get all the music up for download, since i'd say it's very unlikely that the ambition within will become available on CD again. it's finding time to get it all sorted out which is the problem. having said that, i do have some free time this week. i'll see what i can do. maybe cut the prices in half, and then get a nice bunch of high quality mp3s with the artwork included... we'll see.


posted on 31-1-06 at 16:53

Hey guys, I was hoping somebody might have any information they'd like to share when it comes to getting The Ambition Within. Its out of stock and I don't know when it will be again. I've tried itunes, sony connect, ebay, and anywhere else I could think of. Frankly I even tried Limewire, but only a few of the songs are on there. Can someone help me out on where I could find a way to buy this album.

Also on a side note, any way to buy the faithdown CD, since the link on their site doesn't seem to work for me.

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