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Topic review

posted on 7-3-06 at 01:01

i really enjoyed that, thanks alot guys


posted on 6-3-06 at 05:18

i'm going to listen to it right now. sorry i couldn't get that cover together in time. we really dont get enough practice time to get much done these days. eventually we'll try to record that and post it for you all, and maybe even finnish our many original songs and maybe put together a cd.


posted on 6-3-06 at 00:35

I just listened to the entire thing. That was great. Thanks.

Lets hope your proposition to the band wasn't for nothing.


posted on 5-3-06 at 23:34

i enjoyed that, thanks to the listowel boys.


posted on 5-3-06 at 20:42

ah it was all minor stuff. nah, it was a cool listen. i particularly enjoyed the bits where you guys said "aboot".

Chad of Spinstill

posted on 5-3-06 at 19:07

ya listening back I got a couple fact messed up lol I was really done up on medication tho lol
thanks for listening Chris


posted on 5-3-06 at 18:30

Pretty enjoyable to listen to, but you got some of your facts wrong!

nice effort anyways. get a new tape adapter.

Chad of Spinstill

posted on 5-3-06 at 15:44

Subscribe To The Podcast

If you want to hear the Tribute show, click that link above if you are running Itunes on you computer. Then subscribe to the podcast, it's free and easy
And for those not using Itunes
Non Itunes Subscription

Chad of Spinstill

posted on 16-2-06 at 08:47

we'll be recording it within the next 2 weeks probably the the 27th tho
I would love to have the cover on the show! Keep me posted


posted on 16-2-06 at 08:14

make sure and let us know when your going to be doing this, i really would like to hear it chad. oh and i might write something in a bit... i'll see.

actually if i can get a recording together in time, my friend and i have worked out a cover to breaking down, that i would be happy to contribute to it, let me know when you'd need it by.


posted on 16-2-06 at 07:56

I wrote this about an hour after I heard the news they broke up. Bart and I were talking about it and I told him I was going to write some shit down. I have no idea what it says, because I never re-read it and I don't plan to (it's gotta be really embarassing), but I'm sure it's from the heart. It was a very strange feeling and I remember the next morning was an awful day at work. I was a son of a bitch and when I mentioned the reason why I was so pissed and mopey, I remember getting some laughs. Hell, I'd probably get a kick out of it, too.

Anyway, if any of this rambling sounds good enough to use and doesn't make me look like a total douche, feel free to use it (the thread is on page 2 made my me, and there's other posts in it if you want to look).

"Just let the band know how much their music meant to you and all the good things it has brought in your life.

I just want to truly express to the band and just try and get them to understand how much their music and memories mean to me.

I always felt like The Livid had no clue how special they really were. Not one time did I recommend you to a person (and there are fuckin' hundreds!) and people didn't have something positive to say about you. That's rare in itself, but I know alot of people that became huge fans right from their first listen. Not only did people have great things to say, but you amassed a huge amount of dedicated fans. People that would do anything to try and help you and would kick someones ass if they say you sucked. I've had to do it myself (they said you sucked in a joking way, but they knew what to expect from me.).

Not only has your music brought endless euphoria to my ears, but your music has brought me many friends. Many people I would say are close to me. And our love for your music has only brought us closer to one another. That will never happen again, I'm sure of that. There was something special here that I can't really explain.

The thing I think I may miss the most is going to your shows. You always treated me great and always seemed happy I was able to make it out. Even though I know you may not understand it, that made me feel pretty good. I never wanted the shows to end and I always would imagine the day that I could see you guys in a big stadium and I could actually hear more than 8 damn songs in one night.Everything about the band onstage was flawless, and I'll leave it at that. Hopefully the actual realization that it wont happen again wont hit me too hard.

Funny thing about your shows is that the last one (and more than likely The Livid's very last), I was able to bring friends who had never seen you or even really heard you, and my good friends girlfriend said to me "I've never once seen you this happy in my life". She's probably right, because everything was all good when I could spend a Friday night at 279 with beer, friends and my favorite band.

I hope you don't think I'm too nuts for being like this, but I can't help it and I know there are alot more people like me out there that feel the same.

I haven't listened to your music yet since I heard the news and I'm sure it's going to be hard. All I can say now is thank you to Chris, Adam, Justin, Rob, Jeremy, Chris, Shane, Christian and whomever else contributed to this bands greatness. I'll miss it more than you know.

Chris Luyk a.k.a. Reivax "

Chad of Spinstill

posted on 16-2-06 at 06:55

Everyone who is still here!

Me and the legends are putting on a podcast tribute show to our dearly departed Livid! I am looking for some people to send me some of there favorite memories so that I can get those in on the show! So if you have a favorite memory you want the guys to know. Post it up here and I will read it on the show!

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