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posted on 28-2-06 at 23:55

Originally posted by Livid
might be a little tricky to restart the band with Justin in a new band now but i hope they can do ANYTHING together again.

not really. Adam and Rob were both in several bands while they were playing with the livid.

it would be amazing if they got back together again, but i wouldnt hold your breath.


posted on 28-2-06 at 22:01

might be a little tricky to restart the band with Justin in a new band now but i hope they can do ANYTHING together again.


posted on 20-2-06 at 22:01

Im glad to see that we will yet again get some awesome livid talent. I wonder if this means a potential gig just for kicks, or maybe to sell copies of what there going to be recording.


posted on 20-2-06 at 16:06

Well, I talked to Justin a couple days ago at his concert and I can at least say that their minds haven't been changed.


posted on 20-2-06 at 13:57

last i heard, they were just about to start rehearsing. since they've posted news saying they'll be in the studio next month, it sounds like they've got the time booked up. they're doing under this, sick cycle, remembering never and my curse unless they've changed their minds. can't wait.

machine gun blues

posted on 20-2-06 at 11:28

speaking of which, i wonder what the deal is with the new tracks...was it just on the "to do" list, or is there actual progress being made?


posted on 20-2-06 at 04:25

Other than the confirmation that they are recording a few more songs together, songs that you must've heard by now, there wont be anything actually "new" coming. I'm pretty damn sure of that.


posted on 20-2-06 at 03:44

as in NEW songs? Could it be true??

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