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Topic review

posted on 10-5-06 at 05:32

they do sound pretty good. not my style, but they write catchy songs.

however, i would hardly put them on the same level as the livid. IMO the livid are far better musicians, and have a much more unique sound that this band.


posted on 10-5-06 at 04:26

They are good

Chad of Spinstill

posted on 9-5-06 at 22:52


These guys are on the same level as The Livid in my mind, they are the only other band I can call my favorite besides The Livid! Amazing album I have already heard it! Well worth the $16 plus you get a free shirt!


Check em out!


posted on 25-4-06 at 23:00

haha gary would be really annoyed if i told him tht lol but thanx anyway ooh im proud lol hehe


posted on 25-4-06 at 19:30

good work, although i reckon you should kick out the singer, really spoils it in my opinion.


posted on 25-4-06 at 15:07

w00p w00p hehe glad 2 see you like my drums well me playin them im gonna stop otherwise ill confuse us both hehe :p


posted on 25-4-06 at 02:54

i checked out the song. I'm not really a fan of the singer, or lyrics, but musically i think it's pretty solid. i really like a few of those drum fills you've got in there. but yeah, you guys have definately got potential. keep rocking.


posted on 24-4-06 at 16:20 w00p w00p well proud lol hope you like


posted on 24-4-06 at 15:45

thanq hun 1mo then


posted on 24-4-06 at 06:18

you have to create a new myspace account. just go to the music section, and the far right button in the red bar says "artist signup". click there, and create that account for your band.


posted on 23-4-06 at 22:23

erm ok im new at this i have a my space but how put music on?? or is there another way?


posted on 23-4-06 at 20:05

maybe try making a account or something and then upload them.


posted on 23-4-06 at 19:45

yeah but how do i send em?


posted on 19-4-06 at 15:16

got any audio files so we know what you sound like?


posted on 19-4-06 at 14:15

erm.. hiyaa im a drummer in the band scribblerz were just cuming out realli weve been together for over 3years i was wonderin wether you had any tips please.........

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