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tremendous - 15-11-04 at 00:34

this one is ALL NEW (as stated in the title) and perhaps less daunting for new members than our old 849-post-long beast. that one still exists mind you.

so new members: introduce yourselves here! what are you into and what are you out of and how did you get into The Livid?
tell us other stuff too so we don't get bored.

and don't be scared to start new threads - if they're crap we'll all forget about them within 24 hours anyway.

i'll say an all-encompassing "welcome" here so i don't have to keep replying to this thing.

5ilent Narcotic - 26-11-04 at 05:30

Well after tonight's show the band has a new fan. My name is Skott, I'm a tracking/mixing engineer from Scarborough and I cheaked them out by fluke. My friends band was opening for them and they ended up kicking a whole lot of ass in the process, considering how poor the venue sounded their sound was able to shine through, I'm currently listening to the latest cd and I'm still impressed so thanks for the fun night guys.



wcwakeskater - 26-11-04 at 05:34

I found out about The Livid through's message board. I watched the Test Run video and they have been my favorite band since. I haven't heard one of their songs that I didn't like.

tremendous - 26-11-04 at 18:36

hey guys, welcome aboard.

Crystal_Tears - 26-11-04 at 23:22

Wow... I just hooked up my old computer thats been sitting around my house forever and found some old tunes i randomly downloaded off napster... ( yes tisk tisk to napster) anyways I found all my fav playlists and of course there was some songs by thelivid from their first album ( thats how long ago this was so I thought i'd search them out and see whats been going on.. glad to see they are still creating

Chris - 27-11-04 at 00:26

how do

Reivax - 27-11-04 at 02:50

Welcome, people.

Glad to see some people finally using this thread.

little_lady - 27-11-04 at 22:12

Not just that, but it's good to see there's new members joining the community!

Make sure to tell your friends about the band, and if you can get them to sign up to the boards (And post ,even if just every now and then) it'd be wicked!

Welcome to everyone who has joined and everyone who will join. That keeps me from replying to this thread saying that again,hah.

5ilent Narcotic - 28-11-04 at 00:26

I don't know about signing up for the forums, but I am spreading the word about the band like a good fan

PearlExport - 28-11-04 at 01:36

im getting ppl up here in northern country hooked on the band so next concert i can make it to ill bring a whole van load hopefully

Jeff K - 28-11-04 at 08:55

Welcome everyone, it's great to have all of you aboard. Hope you stay awhile and chat with us.

Crystal_Tears - 30-11-04 at 03:22

Thanx Glad to be aboard

PunkRawkPrincess - 30-11-04 at 15:37

welcome to all the new people...

JohnWayne - 4-12-04 at 22:24

i heard you guys at a party, now your one of my favorite bands, ive been trying to get everyone hooked on you guys down here in Missouri

Chris - 4-12-04 at 23:51

hello chaps/chapesses.

Pure_Ibanez_Sound - 5-12-04 at 00:51

Oh another American! You guys just seem to be popping up right across the country down there! That's awesome though! Welcome aboard.

sexy_laura - 25-12-04 at 18:55

hey guys i saw u in june at club rockit... u guys were awesome.. ur definitly one of my fav bands =)

Chris - 25-12-04 at 19:34


armour_guitarist - 26-12-04 at 00:20

greetings laura. stick around, have a chat.

you dont by any chance know paige, do you? your signature looks verry farmiliar.

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Paige_x0x - 26-12-04 at 01:36

Oh haha, Ian.

Welcome, Laura.

tremendous - 26-12-04 at 02:03

sexy laura eh? i think i speak for a lot of us when i say we require proof.


SideO_JR - 26-12-04 at 08:03

by the sound of that tattoo, her name may very well be correct advertising I'm jorge and i'll be your creep for this website. hehe jk


winglessangel - 8-1-05 at 17:24

alrite well i saw the livid fer the first time and fell in love with their music they played at the Dungeon and i dont normally go there alot sumtimes to check out wats playin, and last nite i was throughly impressed your sound was great and i couldnt stop movin throughout the whole set! well im from Oshawa (yes thats rite) so this is getting long.. if theres anything anyone is curious about just ask im not shy

Reivax - 8-1-05 at 19:40

Hey. Welcome to the site.

armour_guitarist - 10-1-05 at 23:39

hello ... um how about a name.. we're very personable around here.

im Ian from California btw. welcome, and enjoy your stay.

Livid - 24-2-05 at 04:03

hey. im new! and damn glad i found this band

Sin Ogaris - 24-2-05 at 04:32

'ullo and welcome and stuff.

SideO_JR - 24-2-05 at 05:51

wow you got the name welcome

1lilrockerchic - 24-2-05 at 08:36

Dude you are awesome you made a livid hat... i read the profile.... now thats wicked.

Reivax - 24-2-05 at 16:10

Holy shit, a new member that used this thread...and posted. Howdy. I'd say stay and post a while, but no one ever does.

Livid - 25-2-05 at 01:06

yeah im also working on making The Livid guitar picks. ive made Breaking Benjamin and Hoobastank ones. but im gonna try and make the dragon on my The Livid one. haha that'll kick ass

tremendous - 25-2-05 at 01:22

you know what, i just sorted chris out with graphics for custom picks a month or so ago. wonder if he has them yet.

armour_guitarist - 25-2-05 at 05:47


hey maybe you could make me a livid hat and send it to me? please? i've really wanted one for almost a year now.


1lilrockerchic - 26-2-05 at 02:07

Originally posted by Livid
yeah im also working on making The Livid guitar picks. ive made Breaking Benjamin and Hoobastank ones. but im gonna try and make the dragon on my The Livid one. haha that'll kick ass

Ok You are the coolest....

Bart that is awesome the guys could make more money cause ppl loose picks like there is no tomorrow!

Livid - 3-3-05 at 01:15

Ok You are the coolest....

hells yeah

Skinner - 18-3-05 at 18:07

Went to 279 to see FNA but I was blown away by this band. Took awhile to get to the site, but glad I'm here

Reivax - 18-3-05 at 19:11

Welcome. I'm thinking that alot of people at that show who were at that show were pleasantly surprised with the band. It was definitely one of their best.

Sin Ogaris - 19-3-05 at 03:06

G'day, 'ullo, hi, hello, howdy, etc.

littlephoenix - 3-5-05 at 18:41

greetings from lil england, jus wanted to say me tink da livid rocks! Can't remember how I got to this site (i know, me bad) but I'm pretty glad I found it cos loving the tunes. Jus wondering....any plans to trek to the UK and let peeps kno how freakin cool u guys r?

Reivax - 3-5-05 at 19:04

Well, Helloooo from Canada. And welcome.

I have a feeling the band would do well in England considering all the Brit's that are on here, but I don't, personally, think the band will be heading that way anytime soon. But you never know.

Pure_Ibanez_Sound - 3-5-05 at 20:36

I personally think

Reivax - 3-5-05 at 22:01 need to shut up!

Chris - 4-5-05 at 00:07


Pure_Ibanez_Sound - 4-5-05 at 02:23

Yo guyz... Why yah be up in ma gril fo? Dunn test dis biznes. I'll bruck yah up, yah heard!

armour_guitarist - 4-5-05 at 03:38

Originally posted by Chris

_Mezmerize_ - 19-5-05 at 23:25

Hey im that kid that got hit by the car and a mega fan of the livid hows it going everyone

Reivax - 20-5-05 at 00:30

Hey, Dez's brother. Nice to meet you. Post like your sister used to and we could get some more life in these forums again.

_Mezmerize_ - 20-5-05 at 01:39

How did she post?We are not very fond of hanging around each other while we are on the computer (Dam its annoying!) My names Ivan and you will eventually meet me at your local Livid show

Reivax - 20-5-05 at 01:49

Well, she has by far the most posts than anyone here. So, I mean she posted a heck of alot. In a good way, of course.

_Mezmerize_ - 20-5-05 at 20:02

In my house we call that an obsession

_Mezmerize_ - 20-5-05 at 20:35

Well not really shes just a mega fan of Livid so I see where she might be coming from DONT SHOOT ME!

armour_guitarist - 21-5-05 at 02:03

no, most other people here are mega livid fans too, but we all have half, or a third the post count. she is obsessed...

oh, Ivan, you can edit your previous posts for like 3 minutes after you post it if you left something out. it tends to be better than double and tripple posts. it's just kind of annyoing when people post like 3 things in a row...

enjoy your stay here in livid-land. it's addicting.

_Mezmerize_ - 21-5-05 at 13:28

Ok ill do that next time.....

Well my sister used to be obsessed more I remeber the days where she used spend hours on the comp but she cooled off since then

Lindz - 3-6-05 at 20:22

Hey, I'm Lindz. I *think* I heard of The Livid from Chris Fraser (Flatlined) when you played with Flatlined in January. I really liked the music, and didn't think of signing up here until now

_Mezmerize_ - 3-6-05 at 20:52

Welcome to the boards look around and have fun.

tremendous - 5-6-05 at 17:19


_Mezmerize_ - 5-6-05 at 19:51


x_afraid2ask_x - 8-6-05 at 03:03

Hey everyone!
I'm just another newbie from 'sauga. Umm, I've been a fan of The Livid for about a year and a bit after I saw them play with illScarlett.

Next show you go to, head to the merch table and you may see me working there.

If anyone has myspace, feel free to add me...

Sin Ogaris - 8-6-05 at 05:52


Chris - 8-6-05 at 10:41


little_lady - 8-6-05 at 12:15

Whose merch table? The Livid's?

Welcome anyway. Good to see more Mississauga people coming on these boards.

Smorrison1 - 18-6-05 at 15:06

Hey Y'all this is Shawn from down here is fort worth TEXAS, and i'm spreadin the word down here you guys are awesome!

_Mezmerize_ - 18-6-05 at 15:21

Cool, how did you find out about the livid?

Sin Ogaris - 18-6-05 at 15:30

G'day there.

_Mezmerize_ - 18-6-05 at 15:35

I was just about to say why did he say g'day but then I saw that your from australia its strange that I never noticed you are from there

Freefall Studios - 19-6-05 at 15:03

Hey Fellas! I'm Antonio 19m, local to the city of Sydney. I posted on your questions page just the other day. Been a fan since my friend first showed me your fear of fading cd (the original one) bout a year ago. can't wait to come over to see you guys (its part of a world trip currently being planned). still waiting for that friggin mailman to give me your cd's but all good things take time... umm what else was serious in my other post i own a studio Free Fall (funnily enough) and would love to record you guys. I'm in a local band SPINDLE. i'm not sure if the site is up atm but meh... you guys are an inspiration to young artists such as me...

Sin Ogaris - 19-6-05 at 15:28

Welcome mate, and there you go, an inspiration, even MORE reason for you guys to come down here.

Freefall Studios - 20-6-05 at 14:48

yeh you guys could play with butterfly effect mmmm imagine that the livid and the butterfly effect in one venue...

Sin Ogaris - 20-6-05 at 15:16

Oh man that'd be awesome. Speaking of TBE I wonder if they've got a new album in the works.

Also speaking of Aussie bands, do you happen to know when Shihad changed their name back. Cause I remember them changing to Pacifier because of the whole 9/11 fiasco, but suddenly there's a new album out by Shihad. Of course if you're not a fan you probably won't know, but it's been bugging me since the new album was announced.

armour_guitarist - 20-6-05 at 17:59

it really bugged me, cause i never knew they were called shihad before, so when i went to Pacifier's website, i thought they had just dissapeared. eventualy i figured it out, but i dont really like their new album nearly as much as the one when they were called Pacifier.

anyway, welcome to the boards, Freefall.

Smorrison1 - 28-6-05 at 19:15

Originally posted by _Mezmerize_
Cool, how did you find out about the livid?

My band is a member of and i was just lookin around on there and found y'all

Sin Ogaris - 29-6-05 at 03:05

Hidey Ho.

freakluver - 17-7-05 at 02:14

NEWBIE!!! that would be me! lol

i heard about this while actually searching for how many sites Bitter Candi was listed in, and sure enough Dag is a part of this forum, and well all i have to say is that anything that Dag think is worth joining is worth me joining as well, and so here i am a new (soon to be) member of this forum.

Sin Ogaris - 17-7-05 at 02:35

Nifty, g'day and stuff.

Chris - 17-7-05 at 18:44

oi oi

kaitlynn - 10-8-05 at 19:57

wow its only been forever since ive been on here...

armour_guitarist - 11-8-05 at 00:34

any reason why you chose this thread?

nice to have you around again btw.

Magnum - 12-8-05 at 04:14

Lol i just joined and at the same time found out that the livid was through

Sin Ogaris - 12-8-05 at 13:00

Bummer, huh?

1lilrockerchic - 12-8-05 at 16:58


_Mezmerize_ - 12-8-05 at 17:49

Isnt there a way to end signups?Or mabe change the name of this whole forum to something else?Because theres not more The Livid and we could attract more people with yo u know something like The Pizza forums where we talk about Pizza only BITCH!

tremendous - 12-8-05 at 17:52

that's about the stupidest thing i've ever seen. engage brain, ivan.

stop people signing up? no more livid? my three cds are still right here in front of me and i'm still enjoying the music. i can still talk about them all day.

little_lady - 12-8-05 at 18:36

I agree.
You must have been on something when you made that post, Brother Dez.

Magnum - 12-8-05 at 20:06

Yea, they are still the shit, but i can't beleive they are done, i am all the way in Missouri, US, and a lot of ppl here love their music, i wish they would've stayed together

Sin Ogaris - 12-8-05 at 23:48

On the bright side, it's possible some of them could move on to other musical endeavours, so we'll just have to wait and see.

Reivax - 13-8-05 at 01:53

Yes! I got to be post 10,000.

The_virus - 19-9-05 at 03:41

Ahoy all,

I may be a new guy here, but I've actually been listening to The Livid for years, I just never got around to chatting here. I've done my duty by telling friends about The Livid and such...but I must say I've had no success. It's tough being the one guy in the circle of friends who listens to indie...after a while your pals stop listening to all the band names you mention and songs you put on their mix CDs.

Anyway, I'm a Paramedic student in Ottawa preparing to fight the good fight on yet another front. If you're wondering what a Littmann Classic II S.E. is (see "Currently Listing To:", it's a fairly good (definitely not top of the line) stethoscope.

Musically I'm into everything except rap. I honestly forget how I got into The Livid. I can narrow it down to either an old section (were they ever there?) before the site had it's major overhaul, OR a link from the website of another indie band. In any case I estimate the year was 2001-ish when I first heard them.

Other bands I'm into include: The Alkaline Trio, Celebrity, Clutch, Cheerleader, Iconoclast, Saves The Day, Diamond Back (local band), The Creeps, and a myriad of classic rock bands including, but certainly not limited to CCR and Deep Purple. I really do listen to everything though, lots of oldies from the 50's, 60's, 70's, and 80's.

I collect video games and flashlights (yes...flashlights) and hold a sizeable collection of both. I enjoy playing video games, and analyzing them for ideas and themes well as pointing out the devices and elements that are well done in them. Think of the way a scholar talks about books; that's the way I like to look at games...they may not be high art (yet?), but they are expressions of ideas. I don't have much of a collection of movies, mostly because many are not worth buying...but I do consider myself a movie buff of sorts. I studied Film in university but I'm not one of those elitist flim buffs who watches odd European art films exclusively. I haven't been to a theatre in quite a while though because I hate paying the highway robbery prices of my local cineplex to see rubbish. I don't mind renting rubbish though, it doesn't cost nearly as much and at least I can relax at home and discuss just how bad the film is as it plays with those in the room.

I've written reviews of games and flashlights online from a user's perspective (I'm not a professional in either industry) so you can find my ramblings all over if you really look carefully. Oh yes, and it's not that great of a story, but I can claim to have been on indie radio once on a station based out of Edmonton when I visited there once. And YES I did give the DJs some of The Livid, although I can't say if they ever played them...they probably got around to it eventually though. If nothing else they may have used it to get in their Canadian Content requirement for the show.

I played the trombone for two years, I can barely play the acoustic guitar, but I can sing (think Frank Sinatra/Marty Robbins) pretty well as long as I stay low, but I've never performed.

I'm sure this is really more than you care to know about me beyond my interest in The Livid, but I honestly hope you at least found my post to be an interesting read.

SideO_JR - 19-9-05 at 04:46

i'm interested in why you collect flashlights. big on X?

Chris - 19-9-05 at 13:55

nice introductory post, that must be the longest post of the year. hope you enjoy the forums.

tremendous - 19-9-05 at 17:49

i'm also intrigued about the flashlights. how do LED ones compare to the convenional ones?

The_virus - 19-9-05 at 22:15

Well, some people collect guns or knives or stamps...I collect flashlights. I see them as both useful tools and expressions of design ideas.

LED vs. incandescent is an interesting debate. LEDs are getting better and better all the time, with the eventual goal of replacing incandescent bulbs altogether. LEDs run cooler, last longer, are much more shock (drop) resistant), use batteries more efficiently and can come in various colours. Incans are cheaper to produce, tend to throw their light farther (this is really starting to change though), and their light cuts through smoke a bit better.

Incans are all the same colour though, a red/green/blue incan. light has a coloured lens, or the bulb itself is coloured glass. This makes coloured incans. much less effective because coloured lenses do not allow as much light to pass through them.

That's the short explanation of LED vs. incan. Both are capable of producing really white light, cheap LEDs tend to be more blue, while cheap incans are the familiar orange/yellow.

Personally I prefer LEDs all the way. Replacing bulbs is a huge pain, and if it's not a Maglite, you may have trouble finding replacement ones. I carry an LED flashlight with me at all times, and let's just say I would not be caught dead carrying my old Maglite Solitaire around anymore...unless it was modified in some way.

...and that's my flashlight schpeel.

tremendous - 20-9-05 at 01:17

this man knows his stuff.

lenny - 20-12-05 at 08:45

Its been ages since anyone posted on here but i hope somebody's listening.
i cant remember how i came across The Livid but it was only recently. Unfortunately i hear the game is over for them. bummer.
i'm an aussie -(for those who dont know what that is, it means i come from australia, Oz, Down under whatever you want to call this little island where nobody knows anything)- not knowing anything referring to the fact that noone here seems to have EVER heard of The Livid!!I've only been sucessful in downloading two of their songs onto my media player so they're getting a good workout. I hope this makes sense and is not a foreign language to everyone or anyone who reads this, hence being a waste of time.
back to introducing myself... I'm loving a lot of bands at the moment, most you prob havnt heard of. Surely you've heard of Bush-the band. lovin them! Also Sarah Mcleod, formally of the SuperJesus, also Rogue Traders, aussie band fairly new on the scene.
Question... Is there any other Aussies out there? If so, how did you hear about The Livid?

tremendous - 20-12-05 at 09:32

sin is our aussie long-timer, and i think he still checks up every now and then. i'm sure he'll post to say hello. posts here are few and far between these days, but you can bet that the main regulars will see if anything's new once in a while and post their two aussie cents. so hi!

Sin Ogaris - 20-12-05 at 12:13

<----- Read.

Howdy doody. I heard about The Livid by accident in downloading Falling Behind (thinking it was an Incubus track, a method quite a few came across in discovering this band back in the days of Napster/early Kazaa).

Bush rock, Sarah McCloud is hot (and I had the good fortune of working with her a few years back when she was in Superjesus, my dad was supplying the P.A. for a gig in Wangaratta and I was helping out, mind you I was about 15/16 so I was stumbling over myself talking to her) and I've always been a Superjesus fan, Rogue Traders I'm not big on, though I haven't heard many tracks.

Anyway, hi and stuff.

lenny - 21-12-05 at 08:12

You been able to get your hands on any Livid gear here? I asked some people i work with again today if they've heard of The Livid, still no luck. Hey, where you from?

Sin Ogaris - 21-12-05 at 12:04

I have all three albums and a t shirt (which, funnily enough, I'm wearing right now), I ordered them online.

Melbourne (well, I'm from Albury-Wodonga, but I now live in Melbourne).

Falcon- - 31-1-06 at 16:48

From Arkansas here, heard of The Livid from my roommate. Even though its insanely hard to find any of their stuff around here we are both huge fans.

Reivax - 3-2-06 at 21:33

welcome. The forums are pretty dormant, unfortunately, but still...welcome.

Yeah, since the bands no more, I can only imagine it getting harder to find any of their stuff. Good luck, though. If you keep looking, I'm sure you'll find some stuff.

What songs do you have?