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LividChris - 13-12-05 at 20:12

Hey everyone. We've decided to record the last four tracks that never got recorded. Sick Cycle, Under This, Remembering Never and My Curse. Stay tuned.

Reivax - 13-12-05 at 21:32

Better than any christmas gift I could have imagined! Thank you!

Sin Ogaris - 14-12-05 at 00:19

Yay times infinity!

SideO_JR - 14-12-05 at 00:51


armour_guitarist - 14-12-05 at 00:55

wow, never expected this. that is so great!!!! Chris, you and the boys rule!

tremendous - 15-12-05 at 12:59

good shit!

Chris - 15-12-05 at 12:59

what they said

The_virus - 15-12-05 at 20:08

Nyce! Here's hoping for an EP release, or better yet...a special version of The Ambition Within with the added material!

little_lady - 16-12-05 at 16:33

or better last 'cd release' SHOW.

glad the news are finally out.
this was the hardest thing I've ever had to keep to myself, because, yeah..the news were effin' amazing. So, glad I can talk about it now.

armour_guitarist - 17-12-05 at 00:38

yo, chris, what's the tuning in sick cycle. im trying to figure out how to play it, and i think i've got the bridge, but it's kinda tricky in stadard tuning.

Livid - 17-12-05 at 18:28

fuckin YAY!

PromoDynamo - 23-12-05 at 00:18

woooooooooooooooooooo! need we say more?

_Mezmerize_ - 25-12-05 at 02:05

Yeeeees i might get to see the livid play!

lenny - 25-12-05 at 08:13

Thats awesome!! I'm hopin you put the CD on the site so i can finally buy it somewhere!!

Dag Phillips - 29-12-05 at 01:23

I think this is awesome! I hope you guys decide to do Breaking Down too

Livid - 8-1-06 at 07:05

yeah definatly Breaking Down should be done too!!!

Reivax - 8-1-06 at 07:45

I think I'd like to hear the two unheard songs you played at your last show recorded first before "breaking down". Amazing song, but I've really grown fond of the others and they were really catchy.

armour_guitarist - 9-1-06 at 02:19

Originally posted by Reivax
I think I'd like to hear the two unheard songs you played at your last show recorded first before "breaking down".


Mark - 9-1-06 at 22:53

yah, If you are talking about those two songs that they played when chris said something like " we were not even sure if we were gonna play these songs, but we're gonna have to because we are running out of songs to play"

then yeah, I've seen the vids and those tracks seem killer. For me when I saw those vids, I was like hell yea.. this is the right direction.. then they parted ways.. sucks

I would be stoked to hear the studio versions.

Livid - 14-1-06 at 21:19

that would be BA.
hey how old are the guys?

armour_guitarist - 15-1-06 at 01:42

in their 20s... i couldnt tell you much beyond that.

Millard - 20-1-06 at 20:49

any idea on a release date?

Livid - 23-1-06 at 03:16

thats what im wondering

Xlivid - 25-1-06 at 01:48

breaking down isn't a livid song.. its a chris schembri song.... so thats not gonna happen...

Livid - 26-1-06 at 03:29

yeah i noticed that he could have done that song all by himself.. the guitar, the singing, probably the recording. its a beautiful song though... i'll help pay for it if he's willing to record it!

RobH - 4-2-06 at 18:58

That... is awesome.

SideO_JR - 23-3-06 at 04:59

I got excited for this again tonight

tremendous - 23-3-06 at 05:42

ah i meant to post about this - adam cut the drum tracks on the 19th. progress!

1lilrockerchic - 24-3-06 at 03:39

Yay!!! I was thinking about this today, or was it yesterday. Doesnt really matter when, but yay! Im excited.

Reivax - 4-4-06 at 00:02

Anymore updated on this? All the news here is exciting as shit, but I'm greedy and want more.

Filip__andersson - 6-4-06 at 08:53

wonderful !

tremendous - 11-4-06 at 12:59

bass is now finished, and guitar is in progress.

as i've mentioned in numerous other places now, these tracks are being paid for by album downloads, so go buy digital forms of the three albums. see this thread and the pages it links to.

Pure_Ibanez_Sound - 12-4-06 at 02:49

Just thought I'd contribute one more here.....

Hence my signature....That's all I must say. Dez and I should definately be a team. We have great ideas.

Muhahahaha how come I already knew about this?

armour_guitarist - 12-4-06 at 03:18

knew about what?

Pure_Ibanez_Sound - 13-4-06 at 02:55

Oh, I knew about the new tracks to be recorded a while back. Someone from some band told someone I talked to, that used to be part of the forums, but no longer is...

You know how that chain works.

armour_guitarist - 17-4-06 at 23:51

Vocals are done! I hope we get these songs in the next week, that would be awesome. Although i wouldn't mind waiting a little longer if they decided to release it as an EP with album artwork and such. that would be bada$$. plus they would probably make some $ off of it too. please think about it guys.

tremendous - 19-4-06 at 00:08

at the moment there is the possibility of something physical. if anything, it will be a special limited edition of the ambition within. everything's still being weighed up - there are a lot of constraints.

armour_guitarist - 19-4-06 at 05:03

that would be nice for all the people who never got a chance to get the ambition within. I, however, would just love to see an EP. but i do understand why it's a tough decision seeing as the band is done for, and they would probably sell way less than if they were still together, cause they can no longer sell albums at shows, and their fanbase wont really get any bigger than this. but it would still be sweet to have em on a cd.

LividChris - 23-4-06 at 18:24

I have decided that the songs are only going to be released for purchase download. Within the next two weeks, all four songs will become available for $8 CAN on the download page. I hope you understand that a hard copy release would be too hard to liquidate due to the fact that we are no longer an active band. Please keep in mind that I am paying for these recordings out of my own pocket. I hope you all enjoy the songs. Rock on.

armour_guitarist - 23-4-06 at 21:15

thanks for the update chris. i really cant wait to get these. oh, and let us know about your future musical plans, cause were all dying to know what's next for you.

gzaedge - 23-4-06 at 23:40

^^ Agreed.

Thank you for the update.

little_lady - 24-4-06 at 12:05

that would be nice for all the people who never got a chance to get the ambition within.

it'd also be nice for the people who HAD a signed ambition within and then sent it off to people in the states!

ps. hi PIS! we do have great ideas, and we should tag team...or at least go back to dancing lessons? HA.

armour_guitarist - 25-4-06 at 03:05

Originally posted by little_lady
it'd also be nice for the people who HAD a signed ambition within and then sent it off to people in the states!

and i cant thank you enough my dear.

but i thought you were going to get another one signed. what happened to that?

Xlivid - 25-4-06 at 16:10

soo i am soo damn lucky....
i went for beers last night with chris and Adam... heard the new stuff... it SMOKES!!! production is better than ever... so heavy and clean... for the guitar junkies you can hear every note chris plays.. which tends to be alot of them... well done bro. the drums are fat and when you least expect it Ads pulls some crazy shit out of his ass... killer bro... Rob rocks the bass and i'm love'n that thing he does in the second verse of Remember never... and of course the vocals... justin in my mind has totally peeked.. his voice is stronger than ever with more emotion than i could have ever hoped for... for the first time in my life... you guys have done you and your fans proud. fans... lookout... and turn it up

tremendous - 25-4-06 at 16:24

they do sound great! they'll be in the download store as soon as i get the full quality wave files. hopefully that's tonight.

i've stuck a sample of my curse up: get it here.

SideO_JR - 25-4-06 at 17:56

I can't wait. Its so unfortunate that this is a final project for these boys, with so much potential and skill

Reivax - 25-4-06 at 19:27

I'm going to be listening to that sample non stop until I can buy these new songs. I can't thank the band enough for doing this for their fans. It's so admirable. I may cry when I hear them.

tremendous - 25-4-06 at 20:35

i was hoping to have them online by now but i don't have the wave files. so i've chosen a little chunk of another of the tracks - here's a sample of remembering never. enjoy.

Chad of Spinstill - 25-4-06 at 21:21

Have you ever been so happy and sad at the same time you felt confused! I have now! hahaha Hearing the samples made me sooo happy then I realized this will probably be the last we hear of them
I'm very torn! Either way amazing work guys I swear to god I am gonna book a last show with them if it has to come out of my wallet so be it!!!!!!!

Reivax - 26-4-06 at 01:08

I hear that, Chad. These samples are mind blowing. I've never anticipated music this much before.

tremendous - 26-4-06 at 04:06

here's some under this!

and, while i'm at it, some sick cycle.

i'm just encoding the full tracks from the full quality files now and they should be online very soon.

SideO_JR - 26-4-06 at 04:21

hurry up!

tremendous - 26-4-06 at 05:40

tracks are up. get on over to

reivax should enjoy the photo i included in the download.

i've unofficially dubbed the EP "Nostalgia EP", although chris insisted on calling it "2006 EP". make your own minds up.

we've just switched paypal accounts and i haven't been able to test the store since. it should work. the worst that could happen if it's broken would be that you pay the money and have to wait until i wake up and see the error emails and debug logs in my inbox so i can fix it and send you a download link. we'll know if you've paid and haven't received anything so you shouldn't need to email me about it. but like i said, it should work.

i'm off to bed.


Chad of Spinstill - 26-4-06 at 08:39

For the love of all that is holy! It's 5 am and I just got home from work and I may be one of the first to have these from the store! I am sooooooooooooo amazed by these songs!!!!!
Tearing up big time here in old listowel haha


Reivax - 26-4-06 at 11:41

Fucks sakes. I just stole my girls credit card for crying out loud. Unfortunately, I can't get it to work. I wanted to have these songs so I could listen to them while I'm at work today, but I guess I'm fucked until later. Damn.

What picture did you add, I'm wondering. Could be one I took? Or maybe it's that King of the castle design you made some time ago? I guess I'll wait to see.

jonnybanks - 26-4-06 at 14:12

i just bought the songs.....i was loving the live versions of these before...but this is something else...!!

i'm in the uk, and i was lucky enough to see the guys play when i was in canada, and now this is bringing back all those memories....this is definitely some of their best work...

i swear everyone who listens to this will def feel a little burn in their heart....enjoy!!

Adidas - 26-4-06 at 14:16

ok, I don't know if it went through or not. I'm new to using paypal and I only recently got my account set up but this is literally the very first time I've used it to pay. I just followed the steps and paid $7.25 USD (I believe that was the conversion). After it said it went through it said in 10 secs I would be redirected and then nothing I don't know if it actually worked or not.


I just recieved a receipt in my email. It says for the $8 CAD but it says the item is for The Ambition Within (mp3 format). Is it the TAW album with the new songs or did I might have accidently clicked the wrong one? I'm pretty damn sure I didn't click the wrong one though.

machine gun blues - 26-4-06 at 14:27


some of this gives me the same rush as that first listen of broke and crossed back in 02. well done guys, you've quite clearly still got it.

ps- if you're getting ogg vorbis, don't get psyched out by the fact the bill comes up as "ambition within" for $8. it is in fact the EP.

Adidas - 26-4-06 at 16:53

actually I selected mp3 format. I figure thats just how its listed and that its not actually a problem, but I just wanted to be sure.

tremendous - 26-4-06 at 17:05

Originally posted by Adidas
I just recieved a receipt in my email. It says for the $8 CAD but it says the item is for The Ambition Within (mp3 format). Is it the TAW album with the new songs or did I might have accidently clicked the wrong one? I'm pretty damn sure I didn't click the wrong one though.

Originally posted by machine gun blues
ps- if you're getting ogg vorbis, don't get psyched out by the fact the bill comes up as "ambition within" for $8. it is in fact the EP.

guess i slipped up with a name somewhere... ooops yeah found it. sorry about that, it's fixed though. it was only in the paypal shopping cart where it was getting named wrongly - the item number was correct so you would still be downloading the right file.

Reivax - 26-4-06 at 21:45

You know that feeling when, for instance, there's a TV show you love and you have all of the episodes available to watch at anytime, but you refuse to watch that last episode because then it'll be done forever and it will never be new again? I had a similar feeling with this. I'd almost just like to lock up these songs in some sort of vault and keep them there so The Livid will always have something available that's new to me. Of course, I didn't do that and I've already gone through listening to all the songs more than once. I will be at it all night listening to these and gushing about it to everyone I know until someone hits me because I've repeated myself too much.

I didn't think I'd have another occasion where I could get these feelings back, so I thank Chris and the band for this. Anticipation is a great feeling. I've grown to appreciate it. Hell, sometimes overwhelming anticipation can be better than the thing you're waiting for. Not in this case, of course. When it ended I got a bit upset. It's not a feeling I expected until it came, then I just begged that there'd be one more song left. Oh, god, I'm so pathetic.

Thank you so much. Now, all I can say is....One More Show! Speaking of which I had a dream the other night where there was one more show, and I didn't know about it until it was over. More of a nightmare than a dream, really...

tremendous - 26-4-06 at 22:07

i was waiting for you to post - saw your girlfriend's name go through the database

Reivax - 26-4-06 at 22:16

Yeah, just got home from work. It'd have been sweet to get them this morning, but I was having problems. I realized that the issue was that I put spaces between the sets of card numbers and I wasn't supposed to.

Great stuff. After listening about 4 times each, I've found that I enjoy Remembering Never the best of all the recordings. It wasn't my favourite before, but I like it alot more now. They're all amazing, but Remembering Never just sounds alot better than I remembered it.

Oh, and the picture. I guess that's one that I took? It's hard to remember. I've seen so many. It's possible my sister took it. She had better luck at capturing the good shots.

tremendous - 26-4-06 at 22:20

well it was in a folder on my computer titled "reivax" so it was from your camera.

anyone who hasn't bought the songs yet, you can hear all of my curse on

i'm enjoying sick cycle most at the moment.

Reivax - 26-4-06 at 22:32

Yeah, Sick Cycle is my favourite of the 4 songs without a doubt. It's one of the best things written by the band. It's a very powerful live song and I think that's a good reason why I adore it.

Adam, if you read this, you should put one of the songs on the myspace account and maybe mention somewhere that the new songs are available to purchase. Just a thought.

I completely forgot about audiostreet. I'll have to take a look at that.

SideO_JR - 27-4-06 at 00:00

i have to wait for my dad to get home so i can steal his credit card

little_lady - 27-4-06 at 15:54

one last show.

seriously. if i have to pay for it myself, i'm almost willing to do it.

Reivax - 27-4-06 at 23:23

Realistically, I'd pay around $500 to see these guys again. Even for just a short 8 song show. I don't give a fuck. Even though I was lucky enough to seem them play their last show, it just sucks that it wasn't a "final show". If you catch what I'm saying...

And, without a doubt I would help pay for the show if that ever was the issue, but I know that's not the case. I know there's plenty of people on here that have said the same thing.

Livid - 27-4-06 at 23:23

was this just to make their new songs official, and on a cd? or is there maybe some chance of someday HOPEFULLY getting back together??????? oh man how i hope god answers these prayers

Reivax - 27-4-06 at 23:45

It was really just so the songs could get recorded properly, like any good song should. And getting this is far more than I could have imagined getting after the band broke up.

I never consider in my head the band is getting back together. As great as it would be, it's just not gonna happen. I know Justin is very commited to Faithdown, and that's great. I've seen the band a few times now, and they really seem to be excited with the bands future. They've got some amazing tunes that will be recorded soon enough that I'm really excited for. It also just seemed that Chris was just done with The Livid and wanted to move on, and that's something you've gotta respect. If the bands isn't all on the same page, it's just gonna end up being disaster at some point or another. And it's better to end it before that does happen.

On another note, I got the ogg versions of the songs. Simply because it's supposedly better quality. I have a question, though. Can I burn these files on a CD as they are? Or do I have to turn them into some other type first? I'm only concerned because I only have one cd-r right now and I don't want to fuck it up....

tremendous - 28-4-06 at 02:35

they should go on without a problem. if your cd burning software doesn't recognise them, you could either get some better cd burning software (there are free open source programs that do a great job) or convert the tracks to wave. don't turn them into another lossy format or you'll lose quality.

SideO_JR - 28-4-06 at 04:37

I extracted the files now how do I play them!

SideO_JR - 28-4-06 at 04:39

how do u use these ogg files

tremendous - 28-4-06 at 05:01

itunes doesn't natively support ogg vorbis. i sorted this out with jorge over msn - there are plugins to give ogg vorbis support to windows media player, itunes and nero cd burner at - the nero one might be of use to you, reivax.

SideO_JR - 28-4-06 at 05:07

thanks alot bart. These songs are just Tremendous

SideO_JR - 28-4-06 at 05:35

I've listened to the live versions so much this is hard to readjust. I miss the screams in Remembering Never

Reivax - 28-4-06 at 11:38

Thanks, B. That's exactly what I needed.

Funny you say that Jorge, because I was going to post this last night before I read your post and then fell asleep - I've found that the more and more I listen to these the more I'm enjoying them. And I know the reason is that I've grown used the live versions and the way they sound way too much. At first I was waiting for the "...make some fuckin' noise!" part in "Under This" and various other expectations as I listened through the songs. I've listened to these all probably a good 14 times each already, and I've already begun to forgot about all those little live version moments that I loved. The live versions are still amazing and I'll always listen to them, but these are so much more superior I can't even compare them. Every part is loud, crisp and clear now. It's awesome.

This seems to happen alot with any band. It happened with Release, where people didn't like the heavy version as much. Everyone loves the version of the song they fell in love with. I've grown to really like the distorted Release much more over time as well.

SideO_JR - 28-4-06 at 17:54

yeah i'm already in love with Remembering never

tremendous - 28-4-06 at 20:39

i still miss the screams at the end of sick cycle (when, i think, chris gave up on the really high harmony and just screamed it instead) and also just before the final chorus ("GO!"), but at least there are some awesome screams at the end of under this.

i have to say i found some of the drum fills a little suspect in these songs. i was speaking to rob the other day and he mentioned that the producer had changed some of them. guess that's why i don't think it sounds quite natural.

Adam - 28-4-06 at 22:43

Yeah there are a few things throughout the new recordings that we overlooked in our haste to get them out there. I think the over-all mix leaves some to be desired, and little things that I wanted to re-do, but didnt re-do because I was assured it would be edited properly, and obviously it wasnt, and the thing that bugs me most is the guitar solo in Remembering Never not ending on a high note... But thats what happens when you rush stuff.... ahh well... so its not perfect... sue us.... hehe...

Reivax - 28-4-06 at 23:27

Originally posted by tremendous
i still miss the screams at the end of sick cycle (when, i think, chris gave up on the really high harmony and just screamed it instead) and also just before the final chorus ("GO!"

Yeah, I definitely agree with you on these points. Funny thing is those two specific points I'm pretty sure were just coincidental and not intentional. Like, the "Go" part, I'm pretty sure wasn't even made by anyone in the band. As kick ass as it is. And Chris was probably just running out of steam when he decided to scream in the final chorus.

Either way, I'm happy. No suing is necessary.

RobH - 29-4-06 at 17:21

I'm just giving these my first listen through as I write this.

I don't have much more to add than what everyone else has been saying, but definitely thanks to the band for putting these together.

I'm always happy about one last thing to get livid about.

tremendous - 29-4-06 at 17:47

Originally posted by Reivax
Like, the "Go" part, I'm pretty sure wasn't even made by anyone in the band. As kick ass as it is.

that actually was chris. my buddy mark asked him about it, and you can see him coming closer to the mic and it gets louder as he does. unintentional, sure, but great.

Reivax - 29-4-06 at 18:24

Originally posted by tremendous
Originally posted by Reivax
Like, the "Go" part, I'm pretty sure wasn't even made by anyone in the band. As kick ass as it is.

that actually was chris. my buddy mark asked him about it, and you can see him coming closer to the mic and it gets louder as he does. unintentional, sure, but great.

In the video I don't recall anyone actually being near a mic at that point. Speaking of which, I've lost all my video's that I've sent you. Any possible way to add those to the site yet? It's possible they weren't saved when this computer was formatted. I was trying to find them the other day, but I couldn't find a thing.

tremendous - 30-4-06 at 04:36

i actually had to delete everything we didn't really need to put the albums online, but i have it all on my machine. hopefully one day i can put it on the site.

armour_guitarist - 2-5-06 at 05:57

I've been staying away from this thread for the last week, cause i didn't want to read anything about the new songs until i heard them myself. i also didn't want any previews, i just wanted the full impact. and that's what i got tonight, and more. god damn, these songs are just so fucking awesome. seriously, they are some of the best songs i think i've ever heard.

it's funny i was expecting to get the same feeling as when i heard the live versions this time around, but it was totally different. it really feels like when i heard Fear of Fading for the first time wich was totally unexpected, but really cool. Really i dont think it's set in yet that these will be the last songs that we will ever hear from the guys, they are just kickass songs.

the first few times through i was missing a few things from the live versions, like chis's screams in sick cycle, and justin saying "Chris Schembri ladies and gentlemen" just before the solo, but these recordings are so rocking, i dont really miss them anymore.

i cant thank the band enough for putting these together. like reivax said this is so much more than i could have ever expected from a band that is broken up. speaking of which if there is one last show i will drop everything in my buisy little life to fly out and see you guys. infact i would even drive all the way there if i have to, just to see ONE SHOW. it would without a doubt be the best show i will ever see... ever.

and reivax, i have most of the videos you sent me, with the exception of the tide, shaded, egzit, cause they got all messed up and out of sync. but if you want me to e-mail you the ones that work, i owe you at least that for sending them to me.

little_lady - 12-5-06 at 14:55

How AMAZING is the EP?
It made my day, week,
I think it's the fourth time I play it front to back now since I put it on...

It brought back so many memories from past shows and's really a shame this is the last we'll hear of one of the most influential bands for a lot of us...

But really, thanks to the guys for ending on this note. It is absolutely amazing.

and i know it says 'dissarray'....but i can't help but hear 'desiree'..and i kinda like it. :-) haha..