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EP idea
Livid - 4-5-06 at 00:12

ok so i dont really want to give my bank account information to a website and i dont have a credit card, so if the EP downloads make enough money, will or can an actual cd be released PLEASE!? i think it might be interesting to have the packet include thoughts of the band members on breaking up and how they liked getting back together and what their future interests are

or is there another way that i could send money like when i ordered my cds?

Chris - 4-5-06 at 00:14

i think it unlikely that a physical CD will be produced. borrow someone else's credit card i reckon.

tremendous - 4-5-06 at 11:57

you can get money to chris schembri any way you want - as soon as he tells me you've paid for the ep i can send you a download link. that's up to you though... but i agree that borrowing someone else's credit card would be the best move.

Livid - 4-5-06 at 23:08

i'll do something... im hurrying!