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so is that it?
markspe34 - 28-6-06 at 04:16

is this forum now dead? is there anything else going on with the band members of the livid? how are all of them doing and everything?

Chris - 28-6-06 at 13:25

pretty much. as far as i know the band members all have additional projects on the go.

tremendous - 28-6-06 at 19:42

well, justin's still in faithdown. adam's in lo-fi and a couple of other bands, i think. rob plays in a couple of bands whose names escape me. as for chris, it's about time i found out what he's up to nowadays.

little_lady - 29-6-06 at 19:14

i heard chris is fronting an emo-scene band now.
his duties now involve writing sad songs that sound kinda happy, dying his hair with kool-aid and wearing insanely tight pants.

Chris - 30-6-06 at 23:38

Originally posted by little_lady
...and wearing insanely tight pants.

BWAHAHAA! PANTS!!! (Demonstrated here by the lovely Alan Statham)