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tremendous - 11-10-10 at 08:36

Hey, folks. A fella asked me on Facebook today if I had any more tabs. I sent him everything I have. I don't actually have Power Tab any more so I don't know what state they're in, but there is for instance My Curse. Some may be unfinished, others may be wrong.

Get the tarball with everything in it at

thelividfan - 18-11-11 at 18:17

Nice. Have you seen this cover of under this?

Hopefully one day I can learn how to play it.

Thank for this bart.

tremendous - 19-11-11 at 16:17

Hah, what are the odds that the one time I sign into this site in the last six months or something is the day after you posted that...

Yeah, I think I did see that some time ago. Glad the tabs are useful to someone.