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FORUM RULES -- read this before posting
tremendous - 4-5-03 at 21:24

1. These forums are for fans of The Livid to meet and chat. They are to find information about The Livid by asking questions or browsing existing threads. They are to discuss The Livid. But we need some kind of structure. The Main Forum must not be used for things unrelated to The Livid. For all that stuff, use the Unrelated forum. In Unrelated, you can post about whatever you like.
2. Most language is acceptable (you can swear if need be and you won't get kicked off), but don't go over the top.
3. Abuse of other board members it totally unacceptable. It will result in your account being deleted, and your ip address being blocked, permanently, without warning. This, of course, includes racism. On the same subject, do not purposely provoke "flaming" -- i.e. do not wind people up on purpose, aiming for them to abuse you and get kicked off the forums. By registering you accept that the Moderators and Administrator may delete or edit any post for any reason whatsoever.
4. All posts unrelated to The Livid, or The Livid's music, or The Livid's shows, must go in the Unrelated forum. They will be moved if they are put in the Main Forum.
5. If you are new, and would like to introduce yourself, please do so in the WELCOME NEWBIES! thread, which, despite being not directly related with The Livid, is in the Main Forum. This way we can keep it all together.

[Edited on 24/5/03 by tremendous]