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happy hols, y'all
little_lady - 23-12-06 at 06:30

i don't know where december went. but chrimbo is creeping up on us this weekend and i JUST finished my holiday shopping today. this month flew by.

this website still exists.
that's enough of a holiday gift. even if those who wanted to stay in touch are staying in touch via the wonders of msn/myspace/messenger pigeons....i'm still so glad to come back and reminisce every now and then.

i love you alllllllll.
i hope you all have a wonderful holiday season and enjoy the time spent with your family, friends, and respective boyfriends and girlfriends and casual affairs....

happy holidays!
here's a gift.
this song should win a grammy, imo.
every single holiday, a dick in a box.

Chris - 24-12-06 at 01:13

jawohl mein frau

armour_guitarist - 25-12-06 at 08:16

Dez, 5000!

oh my god.

Reivax - 29-12-06 at 21:29

Tsk tsk. And I thought you'd never let it get to 5000.

Anyways, holidays were good for me. Been playing guitar hero since boxing day.

Happy new year n shit.

Chris - 6-1-07 at 23:22

first post of 2007. wheeeeee