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Flash slow?
I Could Fall

Tired of myself
Sheets over my eyes
Tired of this mess
Ideas come but

Nothing seems to stick with me
It's hard, you see
Building, pulling
All these strings are tied by me
Tied right to me
Can't believe that this is me
Everything is falling through
The way they do

If I failed to be like you
What would I become, what would I become?
If there's one thing I can do
Consider it done, consider it done

Ambition is thin

Tired of this fight
I'm losing my mind
Struggling to break through
And ideas come but

I could fall – pick myself up
Let it go – burning through my life
Fuck it up – turn the lights out
Let me be – let me feel so weak
But strong enough to rely on
You're there for me, I'll be there for you
To get you through while you fight on
To anchor me – do it all for me

Ambition is thin
Wish I had your blood under my skin
Ambition is thin


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