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Flash slow?

Don't leave me here, locked in this cold cell
It feeds my fear and it doesn't feel too well
It pulls me apart while it makes my pain swell
It beats down on me and throws me to the edge
Where I fell down and landed on the ground beside you

You've gotta roll over
Head off my shoulder
Gotta start over

Don't shed a tear; turn my life to hell
Don't let your anger stir or let your bitterness repel
It rips through my heart where my emotions still dwell
It beats down on me and throws me to the ledge
Where I stopped, cause I knew that I would never jump off with you

You didn't want to make it last
You thought it would never surpass
The only dream I wish I had
So you chose just to let me collapse
I'll pick it up and try again
While removing this blade from my back
I won't forget – I wish I could let it go


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