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The Day I Understood

So far I stand, looking closely again
It's loose but solid, so clean and tarnished
So lost again, a map in my hand
So full and empty, with so little but plenty

At times we get so lost and devastated
Our paths are vague but still so regulated
At times we feel so tired of trying to try
Wishing we could change all the things that make us

Cry, I won't try to wash these tears out from my
Eyes, I won't try, cause they're the kind that never
Dry, they collide with everything I've ever tried to hide
And keep inside

Above, I'm sitting, so loose but fitting
I'm starved by eating, so cured by bleeding
My gut is misled by all the pictures I've read
My memory's dead but you remain in my head

Now I'm sealed but leaking
So silently speaking. Now I understand
I've confused my reading
A door closed but open
Brand spanking new and broken
So belligerent and strident
But I haven't even spoken


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