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Flash slow?
Broke and Crossed

It's too late to call,
Said the blue knight who keeps watch beside my wall
You said the sadness became small
You've grown immune and told yourself you wouldn't fall
Convincing me seems to me
So important when it shouldn't be
When you deceive you only free
The part that keeps you as a part of me

But now I'm shocked and my pride's been mocked, and
You're pushing needles through my skin
In dreams I've walked in where the gun is cocked, and
I see the chamber takes a spin
Cause the pain is sinking in

And I'm rarely lost
But rather broke and crossed
Let me out, pull me in
Before my head caves in
My heart's been tossed
And now my pain's embossed
Pick me up, pull me down
Until I reach the ground

It's too hot inside
As I reach out to my left, turn on my fan and sigh
I try again to close my eyes
I'll be okay – I simply add to endless lies
Reminding me of what I've wasted
Hurts me more than being hated
Cause now my soul's become shaded
And now my heart is coiled and braided

I hope to heal in time
I hope to clear my mind
I'll wash you down with time
Till I heal and feel fine


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