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Flash slow?
Clear Me

Can't clear my head
It's 7:56 in the AM
Self-pity is all I've read
Sitting feeling sorrow till I wish I'm dead
Never occurred to me
My problems were the only ones that I would see
So please forgive me
Cause what you've lost in life is worse than any of my dreams

At least I can say
The ones I love are still here to love me
I know I would break
If I had to be convinced they were above me
So far, I must say I've been fortunate and lucky
And I hope to God one day
You will feel the same
And I hope you know you're not the one to blame

Can't get out of bed
Emotions are the reasons I have bled
I look to you, my friend
And know that I should be thankful in the end
I didn't want to see
My sadness filtered everything so selfishly
But now I really see
That losing them would be losing a part of me

Now I've found something else
To make me feel fine
What I've found builds and heals
In very short time
We replace what's been lost
But never this kind
If you search hard enough
You'll gain a clear mind


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