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Flash slow?
The Neural is Me

Try to find me, unconscious eyes within
Breaking the spell, pulling through again
All is lost, none is left, we're all animal
Commenting down, looking up again
Sky blue wall, pulling through within
None is lost, all is left
As you drop, you'll be coming to see who's staying now

Trusting without believing sounds strange
Lies live, never washed away
This illusion's killing me
Clear my head of all I see

Where I am, I'm lost in my own world
I've come prepared... am I really?
Head in hands, talk to me
Falling, feed me my remedy

Second stage, pull me down and win
No sleep now, out to defend the land
Change it out, the words you see
Will seem so frustrating
Let live all that's meant to be
Break the spell, curse the land and lead
Black and white oppose the light
Face the facts and see that's not happening

You used to graze the top
But as you drop you'll be saying now:

"He did it all for the silence... did it all for the daze...
Did it all for the silence...

Something living, breathing, telling me things
Something livid, breathing, acting my thoughts
My mind is lost with no direction...
My mind is lost with no direction, I'm gone..."


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