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Flash slow?

Disarray, tearing me, what's left to say?
See me break into misery, nowhere left to stay
Can I say, you don't care for me – it's even anyway
Self enraged, you're blaming me. You'll blame yourself one day

You're enraged, keep it in its cage
I don't wanna hear this
I don't need to see this
Self enraged, I'm your source of blame
I don't wanna hear this
I don't need to see this

Generate, all your in hate me – it's your only way
Can you hate for your jealousy – can you get away?
Is it safe? You threaten me – put your rage away
Look away; don't talk to me, just keep away

This feeling of pain
An act of reign
Wont leave my mind
Wont keep me broken
Showered in shame
Who should I blame
For the dreams they've shattered
For the lives they've stolen
My body's thin
Telling me don't give in
This one will do you best
This one will keep you rolling
Seems I can't win
Where should I begin?
I can search for something
To wash away my sin

Leave it all behind
I walked away
Never cried my eyes out
I severed and I simply chose to stray
I closed my eyes
And to bar these lies out
I hid in a hole and buried them away


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