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Flash slow?
In Your Face

As I demonstrate what I can do
Kicking it out on stage, you know I'd do it all for you
Metaphors – I'm out here holding this microphone
Spitting out these lyrics; you know whenever I feel alone
Everything I do when I think of my head
That's a box filled with thoughts and emotions better left unsaid
And you know when it's old and dead
I'll be crowned the new champion and ???

'Cause of me and my ways
You left me so long friend
'Cause of me and all I say
You left me till the end

Should I come up again, a hand up in your face
Apologise for what I did
Will you blame me? Just don't blame me
Well, you blame me the same

False thoughts – you say I'll never let you stay
You fall away, coming back, begging for sympathy
Better beware I'll be coming back with a vengeance
Stepping on hands till they remember it
Nobody knows how to rock and harmonate
Bring out a melody, kick up the beat, you see
Like I, bringing it down, breaking it down
Breaking the walls ???


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