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Flash slow?
Test Run

Let's start with me
Write a list, pick out everything
Underline all my fine points
While still treating this like a disease

Can't you see this is part of me
It's everything that you want to be
So stay with me, stick through everything
And then you'll see it's all that you thought it would be

This is only a test run
Just look around: you'll see nothing has changed
This has not even begun
The way you're acting is simply insane

Let's start with you
Here's my list – wouldn't change a thing
Tried defining my fine points
To become what you want me to be

I can't believe you could look at me
And find a way to destroy my dream
It's hard to see when you're in front of me
So take a leave and watch this be all this can be

So please stay
Cause I know that you need me
And you'll follow me into the fame
So I hope you can trust me
And do your best not to put out the flame
Cause this isn't about me
It's about what I want us to gain
Cause you know you're the only
And I promise that will never change


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