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Flash slow?
At the Seams

Your anger is subsiding
You're itching and you're bitching
While complaining about nothing
But everything and anything
You're calling me heartless
Regardless of the things I've said
You're making my stomach ache
To see you makes my body shake

You're wasting all this time to see me fade
Don't hold back now – keep criticizing every word I say

Breaking me apart, piece by piece
Don't hold back – now you're making me feel better
Rip through my heart, rip me at the seams
Don't hold back now

You're learning, still searching
You're working on putting off
The hurting concerning
Yourself and me and all I see
You're calling me selfish
Subdued by your own self defense
You're caving now you're faint and thin
Believing me is not a sin

Ripping me at the seams


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