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Flash slow?
In Circles

Hanging by the same mistakes
Waiting for the cord to break
Trying to find a better way
Than living life from day to day
We get so tired
And emotionally out of shape
We get so drained
From sunny days spent in the rain

I watch you make like it's all worth it
When inside I know that you're still searching
You have to wait – wait for someone special
To relate cause that's the part you're still without

Open eyed and wide awake
How much difference does it make
Side by side or hand in hand
If you're never meant to take a stand
I hate to watch you stray
And slip away from better days
It hurts me deeply so
To watch your heart pretend to grow

I'm tired of helping you get through this
You're giving up – collapsing at the surface
You're caving inside out


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