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Flash slow?
Part of You

One more time it's slipping through your fingers
And no longer within your reach
You waste your time on anyone who listens to you
You cry on every shoulder
First in line to every disappointment
It's so sad it affects your speech
But don't decline it's simply part of growing
One day you'll learn to

Find a way to try and stick with this
Don't lose it – clench it with your fist
Bring it with you
You don't have to use it but please don't lose it

One more time you're sorting through your options
But your limits are all you see
So take your time – this isn't going anywhere
You'll see it grows with patience in you
Will let you get to sleep the night through
Don't let it make you toss and turn if
You have to let it go
One day you'll learn to

It's pushing you back
Don't ever give up your hope
Try not to react
Opinions are on their own
You cry on every shoulder
One day you will learn to


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