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Flash slow?
Remembering Never

I lie
I wear this crooked smile
While still masking this heart so vile
Will the empty fill up soon?
Will I take this with me to my tomb?

There is not a thing more that I dread
Than my blood that has never turned red
Like I never meant a word I said
Now I'm lost in my sick, twisted head
Regretting regrets I'll regret again

I will run on as one
I will duck down for cover without a gun
I'll survive this attack
Or just beg for you to take me back

Now I have now conquered this faltering pain
But internal incisions remain
All my motives are cold as rain
Like the ice that still runs through my veins

As for every single tear that you shed
Well I guess you won't care when I'm dead
I remember the words I said
That don't matter cause nothing is left
I'll never regret it again


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