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Flash slow?
Breaking Down

There's a time we need to let go
When everything that held you tight
And everything you thought was right is lost
Will it wreck me?
Will I let it infect me?
Will I walk around like nothing's wrong
Continue writing every song about this?

Now it's easier than said to run
Underexposure's the key to having fun
Yeah, right

Why am I breaking down?
Now I've found that my frown's become my best friend
It's the same old sound
And my broken heart's my right hand man
Back down
Just let it be
Look around
Just don't take to heart the things you see

There's a hand we need to let fold
There's a time we need to right the truth
While sitting back you watch the youth slip away
It's a shame we need to be told
Our passion's grown old
When did everybody get so cold?


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