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Flash slow?

Watch his mask uncover
Watch him tremble like he'll never be
To himself he's repeating
Head between his knees
"I'm tired of waiting on
A world that fails to see
A world that's bound to bury me"

There's a poor soul
Waiting a lifetime
Grown old, collapsing at the knees
And he's angry just like me
Though he knows he's right at the top
His heart's destroyed, hit bottom rock
You'll see, some things are never meant to be

Watch them fight each other
They're on a path that's built for speed
As the end draws closer
What will be achieved?
They hate each other now
Their patience wearing thin
'Cause they're so sick of giving in

This world's about to bury me
Eyes to the sky I'm on my knees
The end draws closer
My head still caving

Some things take more than a lifetime
Is this my time?


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