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Tab request
Livid - 2-2-06 at 04:54

ive requested a lot of tabs from you guys and you have never let me down... but can someone please write up a Powertab for Sixteenth? i really want to sing it at school and ive been trying to figure it out myself but i cant... the sooner the better but i understand if no one can get to it... thank you

tremendous - 2-2-06 at 19:32

i had a go today. originally thought it was in standard, then standard down a semitone, and now i'm just not sure. i'll find out for sure which tuning it's in, then figure the rest out.

Livid - 3-2-06 at 02:09

thank you SO much. if i could pay you, i would

tremendous - 3-2-06 at 06:03

i wouldn't complain - my paypal address is bart at thelivid dot com.

turns out it's in drop d down a semitone. gonna try again now, or i might try in the morning.

Livid - 4-2-06 at 00:37

well i need money to pay you haha. you guys would make some big bucks making a tab book. thanks again bart

Livid - 10-2-06 at 01:08


tremendous - 10-2-06 at 03:49

it's harder than i thought. working on it.

Livid - 10-2-06 at 04:11

ok, thank you. thats all i needed to know... take your time. it sounds pretty hard

armour_guitarist - 10-2-06 at 23:20

I took a crack at the Sixteenth solo a while back, here it is:

as for the rest of the song im not really sure, the chords sound kinda abnormal, and i have no idea what tuning it is.

i hope that helps though.

tremendous - 11-2-06 at 17:22

Originally posted by tremendous
turns out it's in drop d down a semitone.

Livid - 11-2-06 at 18:51


tremendous - 11-2-06 at 23:34

Originally posted by armour_guitarist
i have no idea what tuning it is.

armour_guitarist - 13-2-06 at 06:33

Originally posted by tremendous

little_lady - 13-2-06 at 14:45

...hey, i was feeling left out!

Livid - 14-2-06 at 03:59

i dont understand the thumbs ups there...

armour_guitarist - 14-2-06 at 06:32

but you joined in...

Livid - 15-2-06 at 03:28

yeah but i was just being a follower

armour_guitarist - 15-2-06 at 03:54


Livid - 16-2-06 at 04:23

i was just hoping it might help me look like i know what im talkin about. i can never tell what tuning a song is in. and i can only figure out solos

Livid - 26-2-06 at 00:43

would it help greatly if i had an electric guitar?

armour_guitarist - 28-2-06 at 23:53

probably. actually it's kinda personal preference, but for livid songs it is easier to play them on an electric than an acoustic.

Livid - 1-3-06 at 20:43

i was hoping to do something at our pep assembly this friday... i guess i'll have to wait till next month though.

but about electric guitars... im thinking about getting some kind of schecter. i love schecters, so i want a tempest or maybe a hellraiser avenger

armour_guitarist - 2-3-06 at 06:14

I've been thinking about getting a schecter for a while now. like a 006, but now i'm leaning towards a prs even though they are way too expensive.

tremendous - 2-3-06 at 19:30

i didn't know schecter had brought back the avenger shape. i've got an avenger-7 plus.
posted some photos ages back, here's one of them:

i've also got a gryphon, which is a limited edition model the same shape as the c-1. in trans-black. looks nice.

i've found schecter guitars fantastic so far. i've been considering buying one of their acoustics to replace my current one, which is just rubbish.

Chris - 2-3-06 at 20:57

i'll have your acoustic one

Livid - 3-3-06 at 02:37

yeah a prs is definitely worth your money. very good guitars... problem is i dont have that much money! but if i get one im getting the ones with bird inlays. my friends and i have always pointed out that Schecter is like a off brand of PRS.

tremendous - 3-3-06 at 18:52

i never knew of any connection between prs and schecter. is there one, or are you just saying they're similar?

Livid - 4-3-06 at 05:50

no sorry... theres no connection between them but they are very similiar. schecter is cheaper, yes and not as amazing as PRS, but the heads are similiar on both brands, their quality is very good, and they are all around beautiful guitars

Livid - 10-3-06 at 01:53

sorry bart but how is that tab comin?

tremendous - 13-3-06 at 19:51

haven't had time. i'll get around to it.

Livid - 14-3-06 at 00:20

thanks man

XaVieRGizmo - 18-3-06 at 13:37

i also have tab request :S.. what ever happened to the Test run tab that was coming :S ive been waiting ages ... thx a bunch in advance bart.. i know u have it somewhere

tremendous - 18-3-06 at 18:14

ah i managed to get what chris had done on that, figure the rest out and have him confirm it. it's not in a power tab yet, but since this is gonna be easy i'll do that one a bit later on. get your guitar tuned to drop-d down two steps - so the lowest note is b flat.

Livid - 18-3-06 at 21:49

i hate that cuz your strings are like rubber bands

tremendous - 19-3-06 at 00:06

get thicker strings or a baritone guitar

tremendous - 19-3-06 at 05:35

test run tab: powertab or pdf
this song is brilliant fun to play - make sure volume is up very, very loud.

Adidas - 19-3-06 at 15:15

I've always wanted tabs for The Neural Is Me. I'm not asking for you or anyone to make them, unless you want. Just if there are some already out there somewhere and I just missed it. Seems like I've maybe seen it before but just never downloaded it maybe, but I'm probably wrong.

XaVieRGizmo - 19-3-06 at 16:36

Originally posted by tremendous......drop-d down two steps - so the lowest note is b flat.

ahh, thx for the head start. unfortunately i cant try it since my string gauge is 10's. Have to wait till later.. but ill give it a go.

armour_guitarist - 19-3-06 at 19:04

here's what i got for the neural is me. i did as much as i could, and i think it's pretty accurate. it sounds right at least.

Bart, do you think you can do a non-powertab version of test run, cause i have a mac and therefor powertab doesnt work on my computer. thanks.

tremendous - 19-3-06 at 20:13

Originally posted by XaVieRGizmo
Originally posted by tremendous
drop-d down two steps - so the lowest note is b flat.

ahh, thx for the head start. unfortunately i cant try it since my string gauge is 10's. Have to wait till later.. but ill give it a go.

just play it in drop-d then. you won't be able to play along to the cd but it'll sound fine.

Originally posted by armour_guitarist
Bart, do you think you can do a non-powertab version of test run, cause i have a mac and therefor powertab doesnt work on my computer. thanks.

edited my post above

Livid - 19-3-06 at 20:57

yay for the test run tab!!!

tremendous - 20-3-06 at 04:00

eh up. got a bit carried away with my detuned guitar and ended up finishing a tab for the tide which i was helping reivax with a long time ago. enjoy: power tab or pdf. one of the pinch harmonics sounds terrible, but in the performance on the cd it's mostly the fundamental, not much of the artificial harmonic is ringing out. nevertheless, that's the pitch you can hear on the disc.

XaVieRGizmo - 20-3-06 at 10:56

wicked, the tide is out.. the music lives.. thx guys

Livid - 27-3-06 at 03:31

i'll be getting a new guitar here soon so that will be badass and help a lot

Livid - 7-4-06 at 17:22

anyone have any ideas for a good pedal or pedalboard?

Chris - 7-4-06 at 17:33

Livid - 7-4-06 at 20:12

thanks... looks like its got everything you need. do you have details about it? like price or where i could buy it?

tremendous - 8-4-06 at 02:51

that's a boss bcb-60. i used to have one. it was good, and cost me 100 new. they don't come with the pedals. what exactly do you need?

armour_guitarist - 8-4-06 at 06:02

ah, i've got that same one too. i really like it. the only thing is i would suggest getting an extra power cable, cause the one that came with it stopped working within the first month. i still need some new pedals. i've got a few, but the only ones i really use are the phase shifter, and the delay/echo. chris, on the EQ, is there a volume control pedal? i'm looking for one, but i'd like to get something that also does more than just volume or wah.

Chris - 8-4-06 at 14:36

i don't know! i knew "tremendous" once had one of those and really liked it. i can just about play about 2.5 songs on the guitar and that's pretty much it.

Livid - 9-4-06 at 17:11

see i need something that comes with pedals tho. because i dont have a pedal and i need one. my line 6 i good at making effects but i just want a pedal to help it

tremendous - 11-4-06 at 03:34

which piece of line 6 kit do you have? what kind of pedal do you need? just saying that you need a pedal isn't really helping - there are hundreds of different effects available.

Livid - 11-4-06 at 23:10

i have the 75 WATT 2x12 Spider II Amp from Line 6. i like a lot of distortion, and i mainly use distortion that sounds good with and without muting. my line 6 is good for that. but i also like to have other effects like flanger or echo or some weird effects, which is why i would like a pedal with multi-effects. but any good quality pedal is what im lookin for

machine gun blues - 11-4-06 at 23:52

it looks as though you want a good multi effects pedal. bear in mind, there's a few different design-philosophies when it comes to gear are your options.

1) single, compact pedals wired in one way or another to form a board. have a look at the picture i've attatched, it's omar from mars volta/atdi's board, and he uses this design. the benefits of this setup is that it offers the ultimate in tweak-ability, but it is also the costliest as you need to buy each indivual effect and the materials to connect them. this design is very good for experimenting.

2) multi-effects processors...these tend to be getting better and better, and they are definately the most cost effective solution. you should go with this one. on the higher end of the price range is something like the line 6 pod xt live (which i hear is very good), or even the boss gt-8. if you're looking for something more moderate, have a look at some of boss' other models, or the textbook budget brand is zoom.

3) rack effects. popular in studios. can be used live, but are typically expensive. high quality though.

i'd go for the multi effects if i were you. that being said, however, i'm more a first option person, as do experimental stuff quite a bit.

armour_guitarist - 12-4-06 at 03:16

I go for the individual pedals as well just cause i like the extent of adjusment availabe to each individual pedal however i do agree it is a much more expensive route.

my friend has the line 6 pod xt and i have used it before and highly recommend it. it takes a while to program it all so that you can have all the settings you like, but the nice thing is much like the amp you have, you can program each channel to have any effects and eq you want, and with the pod, you can make as many channels as you want as opposed to be limited to 4 on the amp.

i too have that amp and really like it. but just a question about it, do you find that the clean channel doesnt sound clean enough if you turn up your volume fairly high? i've been noticing this, but im not sure if it's a design flaw, or just something wrong with my particular amp.

machinegun, there's no picture on your post. try just posting a link, maybe. i'd be interested to see it.

machine gun blues - 12-4-06 at 04:44

i'll try posting the pic goes

bah it didn't work

but here's a link to see it

armour_guitarist - 12-4-06 at 05:27

thanks. ha, i love the one below and to the right of the Big Muff. looks like it should have stopped working decades ago.

Livid - 12-4-06 at 23:37

yeah im thinkin about getting the Line 6 pod. well by the time i have enough money for a new guitar, a brake job, and any kind of pedal im sure they will have a brand new better version out! thanks guys

tremendous - 12-4-06 at 23:57

i've got a podxt pro, and it's fantastic. i did have separate pedals... got a photo somewhere... aha! that's the pictures i uploaded when i sold it all on ebay. notice my lovely carpet. separate pedals were great for versatility but so expensive. the pod has a lot more effects included than i had in separates and it is very versatile - just not quite as much as separate pedals. with the pod i can plug straight into my computer to record or edit all my presets. it'll also plug straight into a PA or mixing desk, with no mucking around with microphones.

Livid - 15-4-06 at 02:40

i dont have enough money for anything more than a guitar so i guess the pod or pedal is out of the question. gifts and borrowing are the only ways i can roll

XaVieRGizmo - 18-4-06 at 15:22


Thx a bunch bart, i didnt know its that complex lol, my version is so wrong. Meh, got the right one now =)

armour_guitarist - 19-4-06 at 00:07

anyone else having tons of trouble making it sound even close to right? granted i'm playing it 2 steps up, cause i dont have heavy enough strings to de-tune that much, but still it sounds nothing like the song...

Livid - 19-4-06 at 00:51

when i play it it sounds alright to me. i havent gotten very far but thats because i only have an acoustic right now and im waiting for my electric. you're in drop d right?

armour_guitarist - 19-4-06 at 04:58


machine gun blues - 19-4-06 at 07:03

where's the test run tab?

XaVieRGizmo - 19-4-06 at 07:55

Originally posted by armour_guitarist
anyone else having tons of trouble making it sound even close to right? granted i'm playing it 2 steps up, cause i dont have heavy enough strings to de-tune that much, but still it sounds nothing like the song...

yes me, i dropped it 2 steps down, sounds like crap. But that's because im using a 10.5G. I bet it will sound much better on 11's

Livid - 19-4-06 at 23:01

wasnt this a thread for a Sixteenth tab? haha

tremendous - 19-4-06 at 23:15

the tab's definitely right. sounds badass tuned down to whatever it is. mgb, there's a link to the test run tab and also one for the tide in this thread somewhere - have a hunt. i'll stick them on the extras page when i get round to it...

Livid - 22-4-06 at 17:24

i bet theres gonna be a bunch of requested tabs when the new tracks come out lol

armour_guitarist - 23-4-06 at 07:54

well i've got about half of sick cycle just from the live version, so as soon as the studio version comes out, im sure i'll be able to work out the rest of it.

Reivax - 23-4-06 at 15:30

Do you know the tuning, Ian? From what I remember Sick Cycle is in a tuning that no other snng is in. He told me once, but I definitely don't remember.

armour_guitarist - 23-4-06 at 21:13

well what i've figured out i just play in drop D, maybe down a half step, i cant remember. but it's pretty easy to play in drop D. im sure chris uses something crazier though.

Livid - 23-4-06 at 23:51

how about.... sixteenth?..... anybody? lol

armour_guitarist - 24-4-06 at 06:25

maybe someday...

Livid - 24-4-06 at 23:12

i feel like an ass asking so much... sorry guys, im just really anticipating this tab

tremendous - 25-4-06 at 01:50

sorry mate but it's not high on my to do list. i found after a while trying it that it wasn't as easy as i thought and will wait until i've got a starting point from mr schembri. however, i'm busy these days with a lot of other stuff.

armour_guitarist - 25-4-06 at 03:03

this is going to be an insane month for me, but when it's over, i'll give it another shot. but it really isn't as simple as it sounds.

Livid - 25-4-06 at 03:25

yeah i understand. its ok tho.. i mean at least you didnt totally blow it off. if its really hard i understand. i need to learn how to tab. but the livid stuff isnt where i would start lol

XaVieRGizmo - 12-7-06 at 14:24

Will there ever be a tab for the rest of the awesome songs? E.g My curse, remembering Never?

SideO_JR - 12-7-06 at 23:08


SideO_JR - 13-7-06 at 02:27

XaVieRGizmo - 13-7-06 at 06:42

why not?? grrr, come onnnn

tremendous - 13-7-06 at 15:59

ooh -- my curse: yes and yes.

sorry -- i've been sitting on that for a while. chris had promised we'd do the other new songs too but i guess we both forgot.

XaVieRGizmo - 14-7-06 at 15:28

Wicked!! i knew you guys are going to do it, its and awesome song. The music lives! Thx bart
Patiently waiting!

nickelback_2202 - 29-9-06 at 13:23

Anybody have the tabs for Foreseen? If so... send them my way. I'd appreciate it.

thelividfan - 1-11-06 at 20:43

true, I might even pay for a tab for Reach, or Forseen

XaVieRGizmo - 11-4-07 at 17:39

okay, ive been trying to play most of the other songs that havent been tabbed out, cracking my head open lol.

could someone give the tunings for sick cycle? and pointers for in circles?

Your help is deepyly appreciated.

armour_guitarist - 11-4-07 at 23:11


Here's the intro to In Circles.

If it doesn't look right, just stretch your screen, or reduce your browser's text size

anyway based on a live video, this is how he plays it with one guitar.




given that, the studio version is probably something like:

guitar 1

guitar 2

guitar 1

guitar 2

I'm sure the second guitar has some more subtle bits, but that's the just of it.

(bart says: use [ code ] tags for tabs -- it makes it display in a monospace font.)

XaVieRGizmo - 12-4-07 at 11:46

hehe, is that the intro? Sorry ive missed out 1 line saying "the verse" for in circles. Im able to play the intro, just the tunings were hard to figure out.

What chord does chris plays for the verse? I have no idea how he does it.. or maybe im not trying hard enough lol.

Thx for the extra pointers though

armour_guitarist - 15-4-07 at 20:15

thanks bart.

yeah, i don't know what the verse is, it's tough to pick out just the guitar.

tremendous - 6-5-07 at 00:37

it's in drop d down a bunch of tones -- same as my curse, the tide, test run etc. fat string b flat.